Hello, I'm Katie

I’m a life coach & intuitive healer, helping people do inner work and get outer results.

I'm a native of Los Angeles.  My husband and I moved to the United Kingdom in 2022, with our two young children, and three senior pets! The core of my work is done one-on-one via Zoom.  I offer periodic small group workshops, day long in-person intensives and bespoke executive coaching.  When I’m not working, I spend most of my time traveling with my husband and our children. 

My life journey speaks for itself. I have gotten to the other side of painful childhood wounds, family breakdowns, dating & relationship challenges, financial debt, an eating disorder, career confusion and a false self.  Today, I am living the life I once dreamed of.  If you're ready to move forward and create the life you have always wanted, I can help. 

Life Coach & Intuitive Healer

Before becoming a full-time coach, I worked in Corporate America for more than 15 years. For much of that time, I felt stuck, restless, and unhappy. It wasn't until I began applying the life mastery tools that I teach clients today that everything transformed.

"Everything she touches turns to gold," is what my boss began to say about my work. I received a series of promotions, was named "Inspirational Woman of the Year," and most importantly, found inner fulfillment. All of this happened within the same job, with the same boss, co-workers, projects, and even at the same company. The only difference was me - the inner work I did on myself created transformational outer results. Our outer experience can only really change when we first heal and shift on the inside.

My life experience, education, training, work experience, and intuitive gifts provide clients with an exclusive and valuable opportunity to grow and transform.

My journey has been full of challenges and struggles. All of it has made me a better coach. Not only do I have compassion for what clients are going through, but I also know what it takes to transform it and can help you learn how to do this too. Wherever you find yourself at this point in time, know that this too can shift. Everything you want to experience is possible and can become your new reality. I speak from experience.

My Story

It’s Not the Destination, It’s the Journey

2007: Breaking Down to Breakthrough

In 2007, I was at a very low point in my life, and I knew I needed to make some changes. I was working in corporate America in a job that wasn't the right fit, dating a guy who treated me poorly, hanging out with the wrong crowd, abusing my body with alcohol, feeling very unhappy, and generally disillusioned with life. At the time, I was running a lot and doing some epic hiking and backpacking trips, which was a way I dealt with my own inner turmoil. I went on a backpacking trip to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru. Before we left, I decided I would use the trip as a meditative time to do some soul-searching.

Clarity & Choices

Hiking the sacred Inca Trail was as healing as I had hoped. When I got home, I had clarity. I took a new job, broke up with Mr. Wrong, and enrolled in a Master's Degree program at the University of Santa Monica (USM). These three decisions would radically alter the course of my life.

Inner Healing

Perhaps the biggest turning point in my life was my decision to study at USM. Over the course of two years, I did deep inner work that radically changed my life. With a transformative paradigm shift, I cleaned off my perceptual lens and began asking new questions, such as: "What is my soul learning through these experiences?" I also learned life mastery tools to dismantle my ego, process triggers, take responsibility for my life, and connect with my inner wisdom. I learned and practiced revelatory communication skills, which transformed my relationships. I let go of limiting beliefs, unresolved issues, conditioning, and self-defeating behavior patterns. I discovered my Authentic Self, learned how to work with my inner child, and pursued my heart's true desires. The best part was that I learned how to support others as a coach.

2009: Master’s in Spiritual Psychology

In 2009, I graduated with a Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology from USM. At this time, I began a deep integration process, away from the supportive classroom environment full of 200 other people doing the same.  It's one thing to know information and another to embody it as one's way of being in the world. The practical application of the principles, skills, and tools of Spiritual Psychology will continue for the rest of my life. Working at my corporate job was a great opportunity to practice my education.  I often found myself sought out by colleagues, who wondered about the change in me.  Many times they became my clients! 

Outer Transformation

Corporate America wasn't very welcoming toward the "Spiritual Psychology" conversation.  I was so inspired to share what I had learned but I continued to just integrate and use my education. Once, I found a way to bring my full spiritual self into my corporate job, things began to transform. My projects and events became very successful, I received a series of promotions, and even was recognized as the "Inspirational Woman of the Year" by the SoCal chapter of Women In Telecommunications (WICT).  I found inner fulfillment in what I was doing by focusing on being of service. Outside of work, my relationships were improving, my dating life was better, my relationship with myself on all levels was more loving, and my coaching practice was blossoming. My clients were experiencing their own successful transformations.

Growth is a Process

Once I began seeing results in my life and in the lives of my clients, I knew I had to keep going! In fact, my learning and growth as a coach will continue for the rest of my life. I love that about this profession. At this time, I was studying the fascinating and insightful work of Alison Armstrong. Next, I returned to USM and earned my coaching certification in the Soul Centered Professional Coaching Program. Yes, all of this while working in corporate America and coaching.

This is Me Now

In 2018, our first child was born, and I left my job in corporate America. I had always wanted to stay home with my children, so I took some time off to enjoy the birth of both of my children and their youngest years. Being with them at home has been a tremendous gift. In 2022, we relocated to the United Kingdom from Los Angeles. This was an epic life change! We now travel with our little ones all over the world, particularly throughout Europe. As my children are growing and moving into their school years, I have reopened my coaching practice, this time serving clients from all over the world.

Coaching is an investment in your biggest asset - yourself

Coaching is undoubtedly the most important investment that you’ll ever make. There is nothing like having a good Coach. I know because even today, I invest in Coaching for myself. What I offer clients is deep listening, focused attention on your goals and dreams and assistance in exploring your inner blockers and obstacles hindering your growth. I will always tell you the truth and will be your cheerleader, rooting you on and encouraging you every step of the way. In our work together you will feel safe and cared for, yet encouraged and inspired to dig deep, let go and take the steps necessary to create what you want. 

This is the work that is foundational for the life you want to have. This is the work that you can't do in therapy, or with a friend, family member or spouse. This is the work that can only be done with a Coach. I've done this work. I continue to do this work in my life. And it is my great joy to help others do this work. I am a Coach because I want other people to experience the life-changing paradigm shifts that happened for me. I want others to get what they want, just like I did. I believe this work is what life is all about. Let's get started!

– D.M., Spiritual Life Guide, Oklahoma

"Katie is one of the most Intelligent, intuitive, Spiritually-connected and personable life coaches I know. I have worked with her on a one-on-one basis, and she has supported me through major transformations and growth in my life with care, clarity and calm. I've also been a participant in her workshops and have greatly benefited from her knowledgeable, organized, interesting and fun way of presenting information. I am so grateful to have Katie on my team in life!"

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