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Hello! I'm Katie Shapiro

Are  you a successful woman?  Do you have what others see as "it all"?  A successful career, marriage, children? Or maybe you have chosen to stay home and raise your children?  Either way, something is missing.  You're supposed to be "enjoying every moment" as a mother, but instead you feel like most of the time you're EXHASTED and dare I say a little angry?  Many of us are waking up to how the  patriarchy has shaped our choices.  I believe the answer is to take our power back and we do so by remembering how to live in our femininity. I believe our femininity is inherently connected to the divine and thus the sacred feminine is the path to heal and reclaim our power, happiness, bodies, energy...all of what is missing.   Welcome, Mama. So glad you are here.

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My 4 Pillar System for Success

Realize your highest potential

As your  new inner reality emerges  your outer reality will also transform = becoming the creator of your own authentic success


Embody life-mastery tools, integrate with support and go forward operating at a higher level 


Release limiting beliefs & core wounds, integrate loving & supportive behaviors


Your triggers and healing opportunities are unique, learn how to work with them when they surface


"I've never met anyone --no matter how successful or unsuccessful--who didn't have more room inside to grow...You can let yourself light up and set the world on fire!"

– Michelle Abend Bauman, Katie’s former Coach

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"I have had the opportunity to work with Katie as my coach through various periods of my life and she is the REAL DEAL. She has held a loving space for me while I have been emotionally raw and vulnerable and she has gently and effectively called me out on my own bullshit. Investing in yourself is the best investment you could ever make, and working with Katie will be one of the best decisions you will make. Wishing you a beautiful journey!"

– C.S., Regional Training Manager, Los Angeles

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